Invited Speakers

Stefano Bonassi

Benay Can Eke










Andrew Collins – The comet assay; from nanoparticles to human populations








Ivica Dimkić – A new insight into Bacillus lipopeptides in terms of cytotoxic, genotoxic, and embryotoxic potential in correlation with synthetic pollutants


Snežana Đorđević – Unconventional pshyhoactive substances – big analytical challenges









Tin Klanjšček – Beyond descriptive modelling – predictive ecotoxicology using dynamic energy budgets










Goran Klobučar – Toxicity prediction and prioritization of pharmaceuticals in the aquatic ecosystems

Mila Lovrić – Diagnostic needs and possibilities of detecting new psychoactive substances in clinical practice

Doris Marko











Vanessa Moraes de Andrade – Melatonin supplementation for different time periods until aging modulates genotoxic parameters in mice










Lorena Perić – Biochemical responses as tools for assessment of metal and metal nanoparticle – derived acute toxicity in the marine mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis



Ines Potočnjak – Intoxications in clinical setting









Mirta Smodlaka Tanković – Microplastics in the marine environment – distribution, availability and risk assessment








Maja Šegvić Klarić – Aspergilli in damp dwellings – how diverse and dangerous they are