Dear Invited speakers, lecturers, participants and sponsors,

In these challenging times, it is not easy to organize anything.

At the moment, almost all preparations for the VI. Croatian Congress of Toxicology with international participation are complete. All we require is permission from the state to hold the event and for the participants to travel across international borders.

We are all in agreement that networking in person is a major benefit of congresses. We will do our best to hold the Congress in person as we did up so far. If this will not be possible by October, the VI. CROTOX will be held on line.

We have three possible dates:

  1. April 18-21, 2021 – in person (we will probably have to postpone it to May, due to pandemics restrictions)
  2. May, 16-19, 2021 – in person (if the situation will not allow in person congress in May we will make one final postponement to October)
  3. October, 3-6, 2021 – in person or online

We will publish all new information on our website. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write to our e-mail address

The Croatian Society of Toxicology and CROTOX Organizing Committee are very grateful to the Valamar Girandella Resort and Mrs. Karolina Gojtan for their ongoing support and understanding of the difficulties that we all currently share.

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